Congratulations to ANGELLICA and DEREK who are tying the knot with a traditional Military Wedding replete with an “Arch of Swords” Ceremony as well as a Korean “Pyebaek” Bowing Ceremony this Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at the James Leary Flood Mansion.



A long time ago in October 2015, in a land far, far away in San Francisco, there lived a happy young Lady who met a handsome Officer of the Coast Guard.  They sang, popped Champagne with Friends, and danced the night away under a beautiful chandelier – it was a magical night!

Shortly after they met, Derek took Angellica on their first date and since then began seeing each other everyday.  He would drive several hours to San Francisco just to see her, give her the tightest hug and the sweetest kisses.

One evening, he asked her to attend the annual Coast Guard Ball in San Francisco. It was after she had already made plans to attend one of her best friend’s bachelorette – so, she said no. Of course, her world seemed to end and she cried many tears because she really wanted to go.

He asked her again two more times, “I really think you should attend the ball with me. Let’s go?” She could not say no again, and she cancelled her flight last minute to attend the ball. She was dressed in a sparkly, tulle black gown accompanying Lieutenant Shepard in his dapper blue uniform.

The Coast Guard Ball was held on April 29, 2017. Everyone was dressed in regal dress uniforms, elegant gowns, and lavish tuxedos. Laughter and positive vibes filled the air – it was dreamy. After Admiral Fred M. Midgette’s final toast and speech, Derek politely asked if they could take pictures with the Coast Guard Bell in front of the stage with his friends. Angellica loves pictures so she happily took his hand and skipped to the front of the ballroom with him, and his two bosses and their wives.

A few minutes later, people were snapping their pictures in front of the bell. Derek quickly stepped out of the group, gave his phone to a stranger, and yelled to all of them, “ONE MORE!” They all went back into position, and he gently guided Angellica to the middle of the bell. She asked him, “Is it okay to stand between your bosses? You must really want the perfect picture with them!”

She waited for the young man to take the picture and they could see 800 guests staring at them from their dinner seats. The clock struck 9 o’clock and the man was still standing there. “What is taking so long? Did he take the picture already?” she thought to herself. She noticed that everyone was looking over at Derek. So, she turned to her left and found him on the floor. She asked, “Baby, what are you doing? Get up. The man is trying to take the picture…” Derek then reached into his jacket and took out a Tiffany & Co. blue ring box. On his bended knee with a big, nervous smile and shiny face, he asked her, “Will you marry me?”

Angellica’s heart dropped because she realized what was actually happening – Derek just asked her to marry him. For those first few seconds, she was speechless and tears of joy poured down her face. It was the best surprise of her life – she could not believe it. He had to ask her two times because she was speechless and shaking from the overwhelmingly ecstatic emotions. She let out a faint “yes…” and a louder “yes!” as he stood up and gave her the tightest hug and the sweetest kiss. The entire audience stood up and began clapping, cheering, whistling, and ringing the bell behind them – it was the most magical fairytale moment of their lives.

Admiral Fred M. Midgette and his wife were two of the many guests to congratulate Derek and Angellica – it was also their wedding anniversary. CDR Kevin Lavery asked the DJ to officially announce the great news and to play their “first dance” song to celebrate. It was a perfect and beautiful night in San Francisco – together, with CDR Lavery, Mrs. Lavery, LCDR Eric Marfull and Mrs. Marfull, they drank and danced until the early morning.

This Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2017, will be a little over two years since the day they first met – and that will be their big day! Angellica is forever grateful Derek was persistent that they both had to attend the ball. Every day when Derek leaves for work and each time he returns, he gives Angellica the tightest hug and the sweetest kiss…

…and they lived #ShepardYiEverAfter ♥